Teknik was made by C.G. Stjernqvist Mekaniska Verkstad (Carl Gustav Stjernqvist 1900-1993) started the production in 1936 with only one size of set - #2. In 1939-40 the new factory in Huddinge (Stockholm) was built and soon set #0 to #5 were available. In the early fifties (1953?) set #6 and #7 were introduced. Angel girders and other parts were added and most of the parts were also renumbered. In 1956 two larger sizes of rubber tires (supplied by Värnamo Gummifabrik) were added in set #5 to #7 and in #7 the number of  parts increased from 854 to 870. 1 million sets were sold between 1940 and 1970, when the factory closed down. Many had been exported, to for example  U.S.A., Canada and Australia.

Fler bilder på min TEKNIK samling: http://www.nzmeccano.com/image-51142


Teknik model #SM4
The worlds largest Teknik model ??? built with - over 200 angle girders.
The first set #2

from 1936-1940 ? is found in at least 3 different types. The blue and silver with holes only periferal and the silver with holes all over.

Teknik #6 Teknik #7
Teknik set # 7, 500x350x60 mm.
<< Teknik set # 6, early set without the larger rubber tires.
Teknik Modelplans, 3 different
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