This showes the "Standard Equipment" 2.673 pcs, 600x200x200mm, 14 kg. 14.000:- SEK excl. Swedish VAT.


FAC must be the ultimate building system ever made. It was invented by the artist Mark Sylwan (1914-1993) of Stockholm in the early fifties. It was first shown at the  Tekniska Museet in Stockholm in the Spring of 1952 and was patented in 1953.The first sets was made as a toy, but it soon developed and in 1955 larger outfits were produced, most of them for engineers. FAC was exported to at least 11 countries in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. 

A company has bought the remaining parts and tools and has started up the production again. All parts are available. Please look at:
Fler bilder på min FAC samling:
The FAC system is built up by rods and couplers. Module measure = 7 mm Rod measure = 4 mm and Thread = 3 mm.
Below are some old sets from 1952-1958
# 0 (300mm x 215mm)  # 1 (300mm x 215mm)  
# 1>2 (300mm x 215mm) # 2 (300mm x 215mm)
# X2 was the largest set (600x380x110) at the weight of 18 kg. There was also a smaller # X1 set.
 # 2 (305mm x 220mm) B=wooden box